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Recycled Shopping Bags


We are thrilled to introduce our very own buy local shopping bags for retail stores. It is our sincere hope that these bags, in their own small, local way, will create a buzz that will get consumers talking more and more about the importance of buying local. I truly believe that this bag can help to educate consumers and motivate them to do the right thing and support local retailers and restaurants.

The idea for this bag is an extension of my affinity for all things local. Local, independently owned businesses are the backbone & soul of our communities. It is these businesses: retailers, restaurants, and local grocery stores that make each community unique. They are the essence of the community, the vibrant threads, the economic vitality, the character, the charm. Without them our communities would be homogeneous and downright humdrum.

We are the company that provides hundreds of ABA Booksellers with the IndieBound bags and handmade paper products. We are now seeking to take the indie message to all types of retailers and restaurants. Bookstores and beyond!

The handled Natural Kraft Shopping Bags are 100% recycled. Buy Local is printed on the front and back. Printed in the side gussets is text touting the benefits of buying local.

We offer two sizes: 8 x 5 x 10 and 16 x 6 x 16.

buy local is growing, it’s important, it’s genuine and we’re on a quest to raise awareness. Let’s work together and bring it to the next level !!

Best wishes, from one local, independent business owner to another,

Jack Ellerkamp
President, W.G. Ellerkamp Co.
800.805.0012  |

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